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12 May
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Download - Chinese-German Dictionary HanDeDict


Downloads in EDICT format

Please download HanDeDict in EDICT format:Each archive contains the following three versions of HanDeDict:
  1. handedict.u8 contains 164017 entries, 205142 definitions, 2490 examples in traditional and simplified Chinese (encoding: UTF-8)
  2. handedict.b5 contains 160834 entries, 201159 definitions, 2402 examples in traditional Chinese (encoding: Big5)
  3. contains 159429 entries, 199509 definitions, 2360 examples in simplified Chinese (encoding: GB2312)

Downloads in bedic format

The following files contain links to antonyms, authors, etc. They can be used with zbedic (Zaurus, Linux):They contain 164026 entries, 205159 definitions and 2490 examples each, in simplified ( or traditional Chinese (

Downloads in MDict format

The following files can be used with MDict:You can find further information about our MDict files here.

Downloads in Apple Dictionary format

The following file has been provided by Tammo Freese.
It can be used with Apple Dictionary for Mac OS X 10.5.You can find further information about HanDeDict for Apple Dictionary here.

Chinese Practice

Chinese Practice is a free vocabulary trainer for Windows XP. You can download the latest version of HanDeDict for use with Chinese Practice here.


LingoPad is a free offline multilingual dictionary for Windows. It uses the Chinese-German entries of HanDeDict.

SUSE Linux

Mike Fabian has created a daily update service for HanDeDict's RPMs. You can get them here (switch to the directory your_linux_version/noarch/).


Wakan is a free tool for students of Chinese or Japanese. It uses various dictionaries, including HanDeDict.

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