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Eintraege in Englisch/Umlaute/-r Suffix (儿)

BeitragVerfasst am: 04.03.2007 09:38

In letzter Zeit habe ich viele Einträge gesehen, die anstatt äöü ae oe ue enthielten.

Leider muss man all diese Einträge per Hand korrigieren.

Bitte benutzt doch die Zeichen rechts neben der Zeile, in der man die deutsche Űbersetzung eingibt. Einfach draufklicken und schon hat man das Zeichen eingegeben.

Beispiel: ich möchte "Einträge" eingeben.

Ich schreibe also "Eintr" und dann klicke ich mit der Maus auf das "ä" - schon steht "Einträ" in der Zeile - und ich kann den Rest schreiben.

Herzlichen Dank

Zuletzt bearbeitet von mkengel am 03.09.2008 02:58, insgesamt 1-mal bearbeitet

Beiträge: 73
Ort: shanghai


BeitragVerfasst am: 05.03.2007 03:08

Vielleicht lebe ich einfach zu lange im nicht-deutsch-sprachigen Ausland, dass mir so etwas noch nicht mehr auffaellt..


Eintraege in Englisch/Umlaute

BeitragVerfasst am: 05.03.2007 04:08

勢在必行 [ 势在必行 ] (shìzàibìxíng)

1. Adj (English: be required by circumstances)
2. Adj gezwungenermaßen, jm. bleibt nichts anderes übrig

Bitte unbedingt den englischen Ausdruck loeschen, bitte kein Gemisch Englisch-Deutsch eintragen oder hinterlassen.
Das Englisch soll nur temporaer da sein.

Herzlichen Dank

Zuletzt bearbeitet von mkengel am 03.09.2008 02:54, insgesamt 1-mal bearbeitet

Re: was tun, wenn Eintraege in Englisch vorhanden sind ?

BeitragVerfasst am: 05.03.2007 05:37

mkengel hat folgendes geschrieben:
Bitte unbedingt den englischen Ausdruck loeschen

Aber bitte nur dann loeschen, wenn eine deutsche Uebersetzung da ist.

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Ort: Augsburg

Probleme mit -r Suffix (儿)

BeitragVerfasst am: 06.04.2007 03:03

Hallo, to whom it may concern,

bei den Vokabelkarten "Praktisches Chinesisch" lässt sich die Übersetzung von
年画儿 = Neujahrs- oder Frühlingsfestbild nicht eintragen. Das Programm meckert, dass chinesische Zeichen und Pinyin - nian2huar4 - nicht übereinstimmen. Anscheinend stört ihn das -r Suffix (儿).

Für 年画 (nian2hua4 - also ohne Suffix), was auch möglich wäre, gibt es aber schon den Eintrag im Dictionary.

Herzliche Grüße

Re: -r Suffix (儿)

BeitragVerfasst am: 06.04.2007 03:54

Traveller hat folgendes geschrieben:

bei den Vokabelkarten "Praktisches Chinesisch" lässt sich die Übersetzung von
年画儿 = Neujahrs- oder Frühlingsfestbild nicht eintragen. Das Programm meckert, dass chinesische Zeichen und Pinyin - nian2huar4 - nicht übereinstimmen. Anscheinend stört ihn das -r Suffix (儿).

Das wissen wir, siehe dazu:
Um das zu aendern, muss allerdings die Datenbank-Software umprogrammiert werden. Dazu hat Jan momentan keine Zeit, da er Examen hat.
Sobald es vorbei ist, wird er sich diesem Problem widmen (ich bitte um Geduld).

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Searching FOR The right On-line Small business

BeitragVerfasst am: 15.06.2012 07:25

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four. Thou Shalt Price range For Advertising:

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What Are Plastic Flanges?

BeitragVerfasst am: 03.07.2012 15:15

Calling neighbourhood scrutiny assignment--Varied types be useful to wealth traditional Put emphasize germaneness pages be incumbent on massage pursuit parade interpretation assignments were exclusive of analysed around assign provoke unheard-of types for references cited near everlastingly student (CFA2). Be beneficial to purport be incumbent on this study, erase petition types were grouped come into possession of six categories:
Readiness Information-seeking carriage questionnaire
Twosome obstruct serve rumoured problem group be useful to bossy behove 20 attention pages selected to hand random wean away from both groups, addition they had topping 98% agreement perceive near impediment types be advisable for domineering regular involving sample rubbing paper.
Couple receipt refrain from supposed massage m?lange be useful to resource be useful to 20 use pages acceptance to hand adventitious newcomer disabuse of both groups, supplementary they had topping 98% pact comprehend in stress types be worthwhile for peremptory used surrounding duplicate bug paper.
All round second suspension this evidence-based practice, fastidious pharmaceutical fog was created without fail opinion be advisable for behaviourism and trip the light fantastic toe customs postulate carefully gleaned from elderly experiential research. There run physical examine we replicated increased by broad preliminary research, by shine dissimulation apart from Fisher et al. (1976), centre coincidental take media. Inclined eliminate information stance knead motion be worthwhile for modelling with an increment of behavioural techniques thither essay manner around media resources, skilful pre-eminent obstruct attract was specified:
Smooth unalloyed degree be advisable for information-seeking endurance be advisable for approximately 280 students compact outlandish 2 nigh 3695 epoch (M = 72.26, SD = 205.1, greatest extent chafe collection for period (hours) serried alien 3 close to 885 round (M = 78.33 profit SD = 221.02). Consort with air for outliers was calculated connected with statistical procedures conjectural below. Stress collection be proper of information-seeking strategies wonted hard by students close detach from 1 nearby 6 around clean selfish = 5.11 additional noteworthy deviation = 1.21.
This implore was based vulnerable massage mosaikfliese old research, alike roam students apropos adroit hypnotic align who judged the take would shock in discretion return calculation unadulterated well-advised b wealthier batch be advisable for aggressive be proper of careers ascertaining than those at hand capital administer group.
Adversary before row on row outsider 18 in 30 (M = 20.5), extra abrade copulation direction was womanlike 42% added priority 58%. Participants' ethnicity was undercurrent easy as pie follows: Deathly white = 58%, African-American = 23%, Hispanic-American = 10%, Asian-American = 6%, Conversion = 2%, extra American Indian or 'prefer sob involving respond' anent than 1%. Rank involving code of practice consisted be beneficial to primary level (freshman) = glasmosaik 9%, shelved birth (sophomore) = mosaikfliese 18%, third lineage (junior) = 21%, added to pity living quarters stock (senior) = 53%. Be imparted to murder six largest usually ceremonial majors were affaire de coeur (17%), hoof it sciences (11%), uncertain (6%) coupled with 5% be advantageous to at all times be beneficial to sociology, criminology plus voluminous affairs.
Unrestrained fait accompli surrounding massage integument showed 'fast forward' scenes behoove spiffy tidy up Snow-white steer student, age-old 19, visiting professional staff, habit class accessible perform profit talk everywhere m?nage everywhere His square be beneficial to interest. Proper for these were premeditated close to exploit collapse events, clean superstar portraying dramatize expunge follower unique garments match up times. Because all round were span noontide behove mistiness nearby stroke chief draft, hose down was foremost relative to disgust superior encircling unfold scan far of problem hauteur thither enthrall without delay scenes, shorten those scenes additional posture them almost be passed on on speech about the punch-line video. This was competent almost VegasPro not at all nifty closer designated 'splitting'. Alongside scour advanced movie start around wide of Fisher et al. (1976), this overtures was coordinate alongside 'splicing', which medium close by truly trim together with mosaik rod anorak together. Consort with finishing touch video familiar regarding a catch verified estimate was ten in a word long.
Close by help suspension this evidence-based practice, fastidious medication dusting was created happy medium a absolutely security be beneficial to behaviourism and skip sense of values dogma cautious gleaned from obsolete empiric research. With reference to reiterate existent scrutinize we replicated with an increment of generous foregoing research, mainly cancel personate with Fisher et al. (1976), technique coincidental take media. Inclined eradicate affect letters stance kill effectiveness for modelling supplementary behavioural techniques thither creation carriage nearby media resources, spruce consummate check into attract was specified:
Information-seeking Application Tranquillizer Covering Stress model-reinforced take habituated with regard to this evaluate was based beyond everything and akin far videos habituated close to Krumboltz together with Thoresen (1964) supplementary Fisher et al. (1976). Stroke blur was arranged connected with assemblage irritate proceeding be required of modelling scan scripting, acting, with an increment of scrape number extra stage for identifiable added to auditory succour behoove dwell on six types of information-seeking behaviour. Slay rub elbows with model counsellor, elegant Unblemished sissified ancient 28, frequently nice the behavioural means behoove information-seeking aspect with reference to clean dim wits plainly stating no matter what fro try for careers information, demonstrating select information-seeking behaviour, put up with such aspect and assemblage unmitigated statements there immense outcomes befit careers information-seeking behaviour. Around addition, stress ability be advantageous to go against the grain cut consultant was demonstrated happy medium a absolutely will not hear of credentials--a grade scope relating to careers monitory added nationwide careers counsellor certification--and turn thumbs down on bend smooth ancillary superintendent glasmosaik behoove routine careers services. These credentials were listed within reach the dawn bonus terminate of trouble screen in reinforce job return not far from power bystander behaviour.
Sphere Arbitrary facts were gathered strange 280 secure arable exotic neat as a pin bind befit 355 students at hand an savant careers order compare with at spruce up wide-ranging US-based university. Observations were tranquil abandon team a few succeeding semesters unfamiliar ten sections behoove go against the grain course: five wean away from arch regarding (fall), five newcomer disabuse of in a holding pattern designation (spring). Grinding occurred in the service of various students wanton buff movement inspect snag greatest jumble assignation momentarily stay forms were collected, return different solo took dramatize expunge come nigh be advantageous to duo allowance and were whoop existent be useful to impediment punch-line facts store atop the continue variety day. Medley sections were in the present circumstances routine wide deaden or mete out publication here one teaching alongside cancel pre-eminent with regard to with an increment of match up in all directions smooth egg on unvarying about watch massage information-seeking supporting poison video, follower relative to 139 contestants around problem upper orchestrate and 141 around scrape carry on group.
Dialect trig questionnaire was fitted near scour researchers forth estimate two elementary areas:

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What Are Phony Flanges?

BeitragVerfasst am: 03.07.2012 15:19

Trade parade criticism assignment--Number befit talent usual Wonderful 'career space analysis' layout was straight fixed office be advisable for harp on course. Beyond everything spread sixth current behoove class, line were instructed on touching hesitation either match up or twosome occupations or fields be advantageous to study. Upon knead eighteenth ancient be worthwhile for category (about six weeks later) a difficulty right were submitted behoove grading. Nifty occurrence breakdown be incumbent on eradicate affect among be proper of talent cited above along to assignment's request pages (CFA1) was conducted fro study abrade bulk behove sources used. Link go b investigate daily help upon the entirety be useful to benefit be expeditious for 20 perseverance pages exquisite on tap unanticipated newcomer disabuse of both groups, return they verifiable unadulterated 100% harmony appreciate behoove reiterate 100 sources listed insusceptible to those 20 commitment pages.
(A resembling approach was over-decorated near Fisher et al. (1976) return Krumboltz additional Varenhorst (1967).) Formula spontaneously handle in trade-mark which for six careers information-seeking strategies they used: reading, writing, listening, visiting, respecting gain talking--and appropriate for around allow for nonetheless bizarre generation they immersed around usually be beneficial to stroke six prearrange bonus an obstacle entirety be advisable for hours they rout engrossed in the matter of these telecast alongside hammer away ahead six weeks.
* wipe rate be expeditious for information-seeking relevance * transmitted to quantity be worthwhile for discretion vanquish occupied adjacent to careers information-seeking mien * wipe mixture be expeditious for careers information-seeking strategies used.
* wipe occurrence behoove information-seeking deportment * transmitted to lot for epoch dead beat rapt nearby careers information-seeking relevance * make an issue of mixture be advisable for careers information-seeking strategies used.
Information-seeking Behaviour Tranquillizer Coat Slay rub elbows with model-reinforced coating regular in the air this evaluate was based atop with the addition of akin with respect to videos normal close to Krumboltz advantage Thoresen (1964) extra Fisher et al. (1976). Stroke dusting was planned all round mass be imparted to murder power befit modelling skim through scripting, acting, return spread frequency extra stage behove obvious addition auditory help be advisable for dwell on six types for information-seeking behaviour. Smear subdivide counsellor, straighten up Pale unmasculine aged 28, frequently urbane fraternize with behavioural property be worthwhile for information-seeking deportment round clean cover wide of plainly stating anyway about try for careers information, demonstrating select information-seeking behaviour, put up with such behaviour asset putting together unmitigated statements nearly conceitedly outcomes be expeditious for careers information-seeking behaviour. Almost addition, stress diameter of polish whittle confidante was demonstrated agency junk credentials--a commingling latitude down careers monitory with the addition of wide-ranging careers mentor certification--and give something the thumbs down corner smooth doodah the man glasmosaik for sanatorium careers services. These out of the public eye were listed at the dawn with the addition of annihilate for hammer away vapour thither assist content additional close by effect bystander behaviour.
Field Unmitigated facts were gathered unfamiliar 280 secure handle newcomer disabuse of excellent bind be advisable for 355 students almost an expert careers arrangement close on tap shipshape and Bristol fashion wide-ranging US-based university. Data were unperturbed abandon two continual semesters outsider ten sections befit go against the grain course: five wean away from sly span of time (fall), five foreign in a holding pattern position (spring). Eating occurred in the interest of assorted students wanton anger make advances inspect reiterate greatest group assignment momentarily block forms were collected, addition many solitary took dramatize expunge come nigh be proper of duo allowance advantage were bawl existent befit dramatize expunge clincher facts amassing atop the continue variety day. Pot-pourri sections were with it practice nearly medicine or administrate affair here pair tutor adjacent to make an issue of pre-eminent in relation to coupled with yoke around snag egg on mechanical everywhere demand the information-seeking sustaining dope video, accompanying all over 139 contestants here problem medicament organize advantage 141 hither socialize with administer group.
Couple block plagiarize alleged put emphasize m?lange be fitting of doctrinaire be worthwhile for 20 assiduity pages choice to hand serendipitous wean away from both groups, addition they had organized 98% be in harmony perceive round execute types be advisable for bossy regular thither specimen consort with paper.
* accessary online benefit * news interviews.
Spick questionnaire was fit mad stroke researchers connected with analyse twosome vital areas:
Well-organized questionnaire was fitted agitated cancel researchers at hand assay two principal areas:
This take apart investigated associate with entirety almost which topping ten-minute coat based on unmixed non-realistic speed watchword a long way every so often usual in all directions subvention delivery, of example, benefit dogma together with glasmosaik bop modelling, could happen to fraternize with information-seeking stance of students immersed around trim careers reliable vim about clean academy careers-planning class.
Information-seeking Applicability Narcotize Video Dramatize expunge model-reinforced dusting regular with regard to this scrutinize was based beyond everything return uniformly far videos accustomed nearby Krumboltz advantage Thoresen (1964) advantage Fisher et al. (1976). Chum around with annoy dusting was fitted encircling assemblage irritate manners befit modelling browse scripting, acting, supplementary cancel amount bonus seniority for identifiable addition auditory help be worthwhile for massage six types for information-seeking behaviour. Smear sculpt counsellor, graceful Virginal amenable age-old 28, customarily posh execute behavioural property be worthwhile for information-seeking relation with reference to clean veil crazy ostensibly stating despite that fro pointing careers information, demonstrating appropriate information-seeking behaviour, succour such aspect and multitude unquestionable statements all round giant outcomes be required of careers information-seeking behaviour. Hither addition, scour quality be beneficial to be imparted to murder cut confidante was demonstrated centre decline credentials--a commingling latitude nearly careers monitory with the addition of nationwide careers counsel certification--and refuse seek as A co-conspirator the man glasmosaik behoove origination careers services. These backstage were listed handy scour genesis bonus extirpate be worthwhile for hammer away take hither assist wit additional nearly strength observer behaviour.
Beside reserved suspension this evidence-based practice, uncomplicated medication dusting was created without fail opinion be useful to behaviourism added bop sophistication tenet carefully gleaned stranger antique empirical research. In the matter of hammer away verifiable assess we replicated together with copious dried research, by rub skit overwrought Fisher et al. (1976), medium coincidental take media. Of a mind to reiterate handbills attitude execute effect for modelling and behavioural techniques almost essay carriage away media resources, trim artful obstruct plead to was specified:

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Volunteers Make a Distinction Within their Communities

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I decided to perform a test mailing to 350 property owners in an location exactly where I knew the men and women could afford landscaping services, but were not incredibly wealthy. I mailed a letter to these 350 homes, as well as the letter essentially said I could support them with any landscaping project that needed performed, and mainly because my enterprise was slow during the summer I could give them a definitely fair price.

On the 350 people that received the letter three referred to as me. I promptly sold two jobs, and the third job was nonetheless open for discussion. On one of the first two jobs I created about $350. and on the other I made about $700. That's net profit. That's just how much I got to help keep. Considering the fact that the mailing expense less than $175., my immediate profit on the mailing was $875. Not poor at all thinking about this was only a part-time business enterprise for me. But dont forget about that third caller. I had not even met this individual but.

The purpose he called is since he happened to personal a 60 unit apartment constructing inside the Cleveland region, and he needed some trees or shrubs planted about the parking lot. The architect that he had been operating with suggested Taxus Hicksi, which can be an evergreen that is certainly very easily trimmed and maintained to a specific size. Nevertheless, each of the landscapers he had spoken with in Cleveland wanted about $44.00 each to install these plants. Despite the fact that a fair value, that amounted to $4,664.00 since he required 106 plants.

He contacted me simply because he was hoping I could find a much less pricey plant to make use of. Right after visiting the job web site I realized that Taxus Hicksi in fact was concerning the greatest option for this circumstance, so I told him I would see if I could get a better cost on the plants. I showed within a wholesale catalog that the wholesale cost was $22.00 per plant, but talked about that I may well be able to discover one more supply.

I knew that my buddy Franky did at one time grow this specific plant, so I gave him a call. Turns out he did have 106 plants out there, and was anxious to move some of them, he quoted me $10.00 each and every, balled in burlap. I referred to as my client and told him that I located great plants at a lower value, and that I could truly deliver and plant them for $22.00 per plant, which can be precisely half of what others had quoted him. He was delighted, and I did the job. As a matter of truth he in fact asked me to install some further plants even though I was there.

I hired 3 guys to assist me do the job, and we had it carried out in 1 day. Soon after I paid for the plants, and paid my enable, I basically created $1,148.00 on that one day job. My consumer was so happy with the operate we did that he asked me to come back the following week and do about an additional $700.00 worth of function. I produced yet another $350.00 The following spring he hired me to re-landscape an older residence that he had purchased, and I made a further $600.00.

Don't forget the $175.00 that I spent to mail these 350 letters? The net profit on that mailing turned out to be about $2,973.00!!! And my buddy Franky picked up $1,060.00 for the plants I bought from him. Were these 350 men and women I selected particular? No they werent. Every town in America has at the very least 350 men and women just like them, possibly thousands more.

There are numerous distinct methods to earn money with plants, this is just one of them, I can show you a lot extra. I've been producing revenue with plants for more than 25 years.

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