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langsamer Server

BeitragVerfasst am: 18.06.2009 02:45

wir hoeren immer wieder (und gerade besonders), dass unser Server so langsam sei; bei unseren Tests hat sich das nun aber nicht bestaetigt, deswegen sind wir auf vergleichbare Tests von Euch angewiesen, um herauszufinden, wo Probleme liegen koennten:
bitte sendet die Daten an <[email protected]>

Hier das Test procedure und die gewuenschten Daten an einem Beispielstest:

browser, OS, time, location:
Firefox 3.0.11 auf WinXP Pro hinter Firmenfirewall
2:03 Uhr MESZ
37 Benutzer (steht im Menu unten links)
physical location: Sakura (Japan)

test procedure:
Browser-CACHE leer machen !!!!!!!!!!!!! WICHTIG !
Bitte in folgender Reihenfolge aufrufen und Ladezeiten stoppen ( in ganzen Sekunden (Stoppuhr, keine Schaetzungen!)

Main page: 7s
Login: 3s
Neueste Eintraege: 6s
Erfolglose Suchen: 4s
Suche nach 好: 11s
Suche nach *好*: 13s

und nun als Vergleich - clickt auf diesen Link:
die Antwort sollte in weniger als 1 Sekunde da sein

Zuletzt bearbeitet von mkengel am 23.06.2009 03:05, insgesamt 1-mal bearbeitet

BeitragVerfasst am: 18.06.2009 02:59

Aber bitte nicht jeder 好 suchen, bitte waehlt willkuerlich ein anderes Hanzi.

BeitragVerfasst am: 23.06.2009 03:08

Liebe Leute.
Es tut uns sehr leid, dass der Server so langsam geworden ist.
Ursache: Neuaufbau der Datenbank nach groesseren Aenderungen dauert 2 Tage und benoetigt die meisten Resourcen des Servers

Wie schon geschrieben, hat jemand in grossem Masse Eintraege geloescht (z.B. von Samstag auf Sonntag ueber 400).
Wir konnten dies reparieren, da die Eintraege nicht wirklich verloren sind, sondern nur als geloescht markiert - aber noch vorhanden.
Allerdings muss nach einer groesseren Aenderung (z.B. mehrere tausend Eintraege addiert/geloescht) der Index und/oder die Datenbank neu aufgebaut werden.
Und das laeuft gerade im Hintergrund.

Zusaetzlich sind auch die Benutzerzahlen stark angestiegen und beanspruchen die Kraft des Servers.
Wir pruefen gerade, ob wir uns eine Finanzierung eines groesseren Servers leisten koennen - so ein Server kann leicht 100 Euro pro Monat kosten.
Spenden sind daher immer willkommen. Bitte mich direkt anschreiben: [email protected]

Also: dann noch ein bisschen Geduld bitte. Tut uns leid.
Ansonsten gibt es auch noch ein paar andere Seiten, die die HanDeDict-Daten benutzen und die nicht von unseren Problemen betroffen sind.

Im Laufe der naechsten Zeit werden wir auch eine groessere Aenderungen unternehmen, die verhindern sollen, dass irgendjemand aus Absicht oder Dummheit dem HanDeDict-Datenschatz Schaden zufuegt.

Da aber Jan und ich beide berufstaetig sind, dauert alles ein bisschen.

Vielen Dank fuer Eure Geduld.

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Dwelling Enterprise Opportunities

My daughter is sick of her present job and is hunting to get a new 1. She's not the only 1. A large number of companies are hunting for her, and thousands like her are searching for the business that, hopefully, will hire them. Unfortunately, even if the twain shall meet, odds are she won't be satisfied with them or using the life path they have helped give for her.

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Now, do not get me incorrect. This really is not a pie-in-the-sky post about instant success, generating tons of revenue, and by no means possessing anxiety within your life once more. In actual fact, even if you will be thriving with some home company chance, you can possibly have all sorts of pressure, may possibly just make enough to obtain by, and it could take months or even years to reach a point exactly where you take into consideration your self profitable.

Even so, each day, a large number of men and women leave the security and rewards of their nine-to-five job and take a swing at some household company opportunity they read about, saw an ad for on Television, or ran across online. Quite a few will fail, but some will make it huge, or at the very least large enough, and will be happy they produced the option.

They will not just locate an revenuesource far from factory, sales floor, distribution center, or office, but they will move out from below somebody else's thumb, and might truly be able to ignore the demands on the clock and calendar for the first time because their very early childhood.

Essentially, let's not belittle the humble "job". Should you are not at the top with the house small business heap, or in the event you haven't even began the climb however, you need that job to help keep food within your stomach, a roof more than your head, as well as your spouse or considerable other from slamming the door on their way out...not to mention your auto from being repossessed as well as other fun items. That job could just deliver the health advantages you will need, or the network you'll want to start off your property organization.

Beginning any new organization could be a gamble. Even changing jobs can create a major disturbance inside the force, glitch in the matrix, etc. Holding on to that job is a wise move to create, and that is certainly the excellent point about a valid home business chance. You are able to start out a dwelling enterprise literally inside your spare time. You could hang on to the job inside the meantime and deliver a security blanket for your self and your family members although getting your company off the ground.

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*Not putting within the hours - A lot of corporations of all sorts fail simply because the individual who started it in the hopes of not having to operate the way they've inside the past, or merely did not realize just how much "work" could be involved in operating a successful enterprise, significantly less acquiring a single off the ground. On the planet of house and net organization possibilities, it's unfortunate but correct that several men and women are lured in to the chance by the implied or stated promise of massive earnings for small perform.

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The net and today's technology has opened new pathways to good results for all those who employed to become restricted to mail order or door-to-door corporations. Firms which once would happen to be impossible are now open for the common public. Any one using a laptop can function anywhere, any time because of the nearly universal phenomenon of online access. Furthermore to having their very own businesses, a lot of are acquiring a new revenue source as online affiliates for other organizations, as bloggers, and with applications including Google's Adsense.

There are various positive aspects of having your personal function from household company, and we've touched on a number of and some feasible pitfalls at the same time. A house small business might be liberating, however it can chain you to a new set of obligations as well. You'll be able to be your personal boss, or your own worst employee. You could set your own schedule but discover that you simply want more hours than there really had been within the day. You may encounter the rewards of being the selection maker and facing challenges, or you could uncover oneself stressed for the max.

Starting a home business can be a wonderful step on a lengthy thrilling pathway, but get started the trip only immediately after cautious consideration.

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